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San Diego Rapid Response Network Statement Re: Current State of Seeking Asylum in the U.S.

May 11, 2023

The San Diego Rapid Response Network (SDRRN) condemns the new federal policies that undermine the U.S. asylum system by placing new limitations on a person’s eligibility for asylum. While we have long awaited the end of Title 42 expulsions, people seeking asylum have a legal right to seek protection in the U.S., and any federal policies that prevent this are a violation of that right.

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San Diego Rapid Response Network Response Network Statement RE: Biden Asylum Restrictions

February 21, 2023

The San Diego Rapid Response Network has proven for the last 4-plus years that welcoming people seeking asylum into our country is possible with humanity and dignity. We condemn the Biden Administration’s proposal today to significantly restrict asylum into the U.S., including requiring migrants to ask for protection in the countries they are traveling through.

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